Aethir Edge is an enterprise-grade edge AI device integrated with Aethir's distributed GPU cloud infrastructure – spearheading a new era of decentralized edge computing and earning models

Key Features

We combine elite computing power, exclusive mining, and decentralized access in one device – unlocking the true potential of DePIN at the edge.

The 1st and Only Authorized Mining Device

Exclusive access to mine 23% of Aethir's native token $ATH.

Elite Edge Computing Performance

Powered By Qualcomm 865 chip, it delivers lightning-fast uptime and processing power for AI, Gaming, real-time video streaming, and many more applications.

Open & Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure

Overcoming the limitations of centralized clouds prone to outages, local edge processing offers ultra-low latency for real-time performance and enhances privacy.

All-In-One App

Monitor, control, and optimize your device and earnings from one intuitive interface.



Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 865


12GB LPDDR5 + 256GB UFS 3.1


WIFI6 2T2R + BT5.2

Network Port

1000M GE LAN

Use Cases


With Aethir Edge's localized processing power, gamers can experience mobile titles with console-quality graphics, lag-free multiplayer, and instant load times for immersive on-the-go gameplay.


Aethir Edge allows developers to run AI applications like natural language processing and computer vision with ultra low-latency by processing data directly at the edge.


By reducing latency and enhancing graphics rendering, Aethir Edge enables next-gen VR/AR experiences with seamless, real-time immersion uninterrupted by the limitations of centralized networks.

Real-Time Content Streaming

Users can livestream 4K video from anywhere using Aethir Edge's optimized throughput and parallel processing to transmit high bitrate feeds reliably with minimal buffering.

Pioneer the Edge, 
Power the Future.
Welcome to the Edge of
Endless Possibilities.

Pioneer the Edge, Power the Future.
Welcome to the Edge of Endless Possibilities.