About Aethir Edge 

The future of decentralized edge computing is here.


The Edge Vision

Democratizing Access to Elite Edge Computing Performance

Edge computing power holds immense potential as the energy of the digital realm. Aethir Edge taps into this power and takes it to the next level, with support from Aethir and Qualcomm. Aethir Edge’s vision is to fundamentally transform how users access, contribute to, and own a future where edge AI technology's full potential is collectively unleashed beyond the constraints of centralized networks. Aethir Edge represents the beginning of this user-powered decentralized evolution.

The Decentralized
Cloud Ecosystem

The breakthrough 3-layer model pioneers

Aethir Edge is the fundamental component enabling the decentralized cloud ecosystem. It seamlessly integrates robust enterprise-grade edge hardware with the Aethir network's core distributed GPU cloud infrastructure. Together, we  power transformative new products like APhone, the first decentralized cloud smartphone. Our localized edge capacity enables implementations and operations across Gaming, AI, VR/AR, real-time streaming, and many more applications. By delivering optimized, lightning-fast performance at the edge, this breakthrough 3-layer model pioneers decentralized edge computing and collaborative passive earning potential.